Bhandar Hill

Bhandara Hill is located between Chakan and Talegaon, near Dehu, Maharashtra state in India. It is a famous religious place of Saint Tukaram Maharaj besides being gifted with the beauty of nature, trees, and green hills all around.  It looks even more scenic during Monsoon.

The ghat road leading to Bhandara Hill is a winding one. The surrounding area looks beautiful as you climb the ghat. Taking a big turn, you can reach the summit and go to the main temple. There is a temple of Tukaram Maharaj here, which is maintained by some Warakari (devotional volunteers) congregations. The temple has idols of Saint Tukaram Maharaj, Vithoba-Rakhumai, Ganapati, and Shivling.  The solitude of the mountains, the beautiful nature all around, the breeze makes you happy.  During the rainy season, the surroundings look greener.

Many palanquins leave Pune district for Vithoba Wari (Walk) of Pandharpur, the only deity of Maharashtra, Dehugaon, sanctified by the presence of Jagadguru Santshrestha Shri Tukaram Maharaj.  It is believed that when Saint Tukaram wrote the devotional saga of life, he went to Bhandara mountain.

Tukaram Maharaj used to get up early in the morning and visit the hill for his spiritual practice, bhajan, writing, and contemplation.  Bhandara hill is a big hill in front of the main temple in Dehugaon.  Many devotees who visit Saint Tukaram Maharaj of Dehugaon and Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj of Alandi do not stay without visiting this Bhandara hill.  A motor road has been constructed from the base of Bhandara mountain, about six kilometers from Dehu.

On this mountain, Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj had composed a ballad to guide the whole world.  Many religious ceremonies are held on Bhandara hill.  Devotees from all corners of the state come here to perform Gatha Parayan (devotional recital).  Mahaprasad (offering) is given to all the devotees who come here as well as Warakaris till night time during the week.  Arrangements have been made to give Mahaprasad to the devotees daily from 12 noon to 2 pm.

There is a story behind the name of this mountain.  Once Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Great Maratha Emperor) came here to pay obeisance to Tukaram Maharaj.  Hundreds of his army men were along with Chatrapati.  Even though so many people were given a couple of shidori grasses brought by Jijabai (Saint’s wife) as Prasad (offering), the shidori did not end.  Yet hundreds of army men were satisfied with a full meal with Chatrapati.  There is never a shortage of food on this mountain.  Jagadguru Santshrestha Shri Tukaram Maharaj opened the spiritual treasure before the world through his book.  Even on Bhandara hill, God has opened a storehouse for some food.  That is why this mountain is named ‘Bhandara'(storage).

Due to the residence of Tukaram Maharaj, Dehu village has got the status of a pilgrimage site today.  As Bhandara mountain has been included in the pilgrimage development plan, development work is underway at this place.  The area is funded by the Maharashtra Government’s Pilgrimage Development Fund.  At present, the road leading to Bhandara hill is big and wide.  This road is about 40 feet wide.  About 2 to 2.5 km of road has been constructed from the foothills to the temple.

Sidewalks have been constructed on both sides of the road.  It was made sure that trees were planted. On the west side of Bhandara hill, there is a small dam called Jadhavwadi.  Nearby is the source of the river Sudha, which joins the Indrayani river at Dehu via Jambwade, Sudwadi, Sudumbare, and Yelwadi.

As the mountain is high, nice cool air flows.  You should come to Shrikshetra Bhandara mountain at least once, and place your head at his feet to receive blessings and enjoy nature.  On the way down from Bhandara hill to Talegaon, Indori is a small village where you can see Indrayani Dam and Bhuikot fort of Indoor.

Visible from Bhandara hill are Dehu Gatha Mandir, Bhamchandra hill, Indrayani river, Indorigaon, Jadhavwadi dam area, Talegaon area, Ghoravadeshwar hill, and Ayyappa Swami hill and Pimpri-Chinchwad city spread behind it.

The nearest railway station is Talegaon on the Mumbai-Pune railway line.  Talegaon is on the old Pune-Mumbai highway.  An arch has been erected on the left side at a distance of 5 km on Talegaon-Chakan road.  From there on, is a paved road to Bhandara hill.

The temple on the hill can be reached by private vehicle.  Arrangements are made to get here from Dehugaon.

It takes half an hour to walk on foot from the paved road to the hill.