A View Of Chiplun

Chiplun, which means “The abode of Lord Parshuram”, is a city in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra state in India.  A cultural city, it is situated near the Vashishti River and lies in the Western Ghats, and experiences a tropical climate. Chiplun experiences a longer monsoon season and it rains here from June till the end of October.

From a historical perspective, early rulers of Chiplun were the Satavahanas, Shakas, Kshatrapas, Rashtrakutas and Kalachuris. After the invasion by the Traikutas and Kadambas, it was ruled by Delhi Sultanate and Marathas.

Parshuram ghat, the entrance to Kokan, is on the Mumbai -Goa highway.  While crossing this ghat, and looking at the lush green lands, the stress of travel vanish instantly. Blue sky, green fields,  and dark color of Vashishti River together make Chiplun a natural miracle. This city is as beautiful as its name. Everyone who visits this place, never forget the experience.

Parshuram Ghat

Vashishti River is the identity of the city. It pleases your eyes till it merges into Gowalkot firth. You cannot stop yourself without visiting it. Konkan Railway looks like a snake while going through lush green fields parallel to this river.  Konkan Railway is part of Chiplun’s lifestyle.

Vashishti River & Konkan Railways

Gowalkot is situated near the Vashishti River and has historical value. Backwater safari in Gowalkot is very thrilling and is a must. On one hand, is Kuluste village while on the other hand some islands. Traveling through this thrilling water ride, you can cross these islands. You can see a lot of different birds here and may see crocodiles too.

After the backwater safari, it is time to see Gowalkot Fort. You have to climb 342 stairs to go on top of Gowalkot  Fort. There are two routes to reach the top. Immemorial residues are on the fort. Paranomic view of the creek looks awesome from the fort, and the stress of travel vanishes instantly.

Gowalkot Fort

On the border of Gowalkot near the city bypass road, you can visit Pandavaas caves in the mountains. A Shiva linga can also be found in the cave.

Juna Kalbhairav is the God of all  Chiplun residents. A temple dedicated to the God is worth visiting. It is said that Shivaji Maharaj had visited this temple. Shimga  (Festival of Juna Kalbhairav) is very famous.

Another must-visit tourist spot is  Sawatsada Waterfall for one a kind experience. Visit this waterfall during the monsoon to see its glory.

Sawatsada Waterfall

Morning walk beside Ramthirth Lake will soothe your mind and body.

Parshuram Temple

Vindhyavasini temple is another ancient temple (Vindhya means mountain) which you can visit. One more important temple is the Parshuram temple. situated in the mountain on Mumbai-Goa highway. Parashurama is considered as the 6th incarnation of God Vishnu. Statue of Bramha, Vishnu, and Mahesh have been installed there. Goddess Renuka temple is behind the main temple. There is Banganga lake near this temple. This temple is famous in the whole of Maharashtra for its ancient structure.

Gandhareshwar temple, another important temple, is on the Government tourist destination list. This Shiva temple is situated on the bank of Vashishti.  Another temple not to be missed is the Ramvardayini temple of Dadar. This temple is well-structured. Thousands of devotees visit this temple.

Temples Of Chiplun

If you are visiting Chiplun from the west of Maharashtra, then you have to cross Kumbhari Ghat.

Other places to visit include Walavalkar Shivaji Maharaj Museum, Pir Lotanshah Bawa, Muthappan Madappura, and Narayan Lake.

There are numerous categories of hotels and restaurants in Chiplun and visitors can choose as per their requirements.

Chiplun is connected by National Highway 66 (NH-66) to other parts of the country and cities like Mumbai, Pune,  Ratnagiri, Mangalore, Udupi, Karwar. The Konkan Railway also connects to these places by train along with Delhi and Jaipur.

There are two MSRTC bus stations in Chiplun. One is the main bus station, called “Khalcha” bus stand, and the other, which is just 2 km ahead of the Main bus station called Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand.

The nearest railway station is the Chiplun railway station (4 km away from the city) and is one of the most important stations on the Konkan Railway. The nearest railway junctions are Panvel, Pune, and Kolhapur on the Central Railway.  Most of the trains running on Konkan Railway stop at Chiplun Station.