A View Of Dirang Valley

If you want to go to a secluded destination during the summer, then the Dirang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh State in India will be an ideal option for you. This valley in the Northeast part of India enthralls you with a calm and peaceful climate and natural treasures.

Usually, travelers on a Tawang (a well-known tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh) road trip break the long journey and spend the first night at Dirang. So, although Dirang is a popular stopover point, tourists aren’t aware of the popular sights here and tend to skip them.

The first place to visit when in Dirang is Heritage Village Thembang. You can easily see a huge Tibetan and Bhutanese influence here because of the proximity of this area to the two international borders. The majority of the population here are tribals and they are Buddhists.

Enroute to Thembang from Dirang, you will come across the Sangey Ling Chorten clad with colorful prayer flags, where you can relax and enjoy the views while getting to know the story behind this place. Thembang Heritage Village is included in the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You can also explore Thembang Dzong (Fort) which is believed to be almost 500 years old. It is believed that heads of the dead warriors are buried under the stairs here so that the spirits don’t come out to haunt you.

You can shop at the handloom market here that sells traditional handloom costumes. Although they are a tad bit expensive, you can buy these local handlooms if you like. In fact, some of these costumes were almost 200 years old, having been passed down in the family over generations.

The next place to visit is Mandala, which is a popular bird-watching destination. Bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world come here for bird watching early in the morning especially in the winters.  If you are coming here for bird watching, the best time would be immediately after sunrise or some time before sunset.

If you want you can also stay overnight at the few homestays or lodges located here.

Places To Visit In Dirang

Other places of interest in Dirang are:

Yak National Research Center: The Yak National Research Center is a unique research center located between the eastern Himalayan ranges, with the main objective of protecting and developing the yak. This research center has been established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. This research center is located 31 km from the main city of Dirang. Here genetic research and every problem related to yak is researched. This is a brilliant initiative of the central government which is basically for Yak. Tourists can visit here with the permission of the National Research Center.

Dirang Dajong: It is a tribal area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh located on the banks of the river Dirang. The colony of tribal families here is quite amazing. Some houses are also believed to be 500 years old. The houses here are specially designed to avoid adverse weather. The foundations of these houses are of stone and the walls and roof are made of wood.

This place attracts tourists with its unique architecture and Buddhist influence. There once used to be Dajong fort which now exists in ruins. 

Hot water tank: You can also visit the hot water tank here. This hot water spring is quite popular among tourists visiting the Dirang Valley. Flowing from the nearby hills, the hot water of this pool flows into the river. Sulfur content is found in the water here, which is very effective for the treatment of skin problems. This hot water spring attracts a large number of people. The importance of this place increases even more during winter.

Hot Water Tank

Thupsung Dhargye Ling  Monastery: This monastery is a hub of Buddhist learning and Tibetan culture for common folks as well as the ordained. It ensures that the Buddha’s speech may flourish for the future generation. This monastery also provides a beautiful view of the Dirang Valley and mountain peaks.

Thupsung Dhargye Ling  Monastery

Apart from all these places, you can plan a walk to Sangati Valley. Sangati valley is located at a distance of about 7 km from Dirang. This place is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. Surrounded by the Eastern Himalayan mountains, this place is rich in dense forests and rivers. The immense beauty of Sangati valley can attract the attention of anyone. You can see bird species with different Himalayan flora here. You can use the telescope to watch the birds up close.

A visit to Kalachakra Gompa, the holiest place from the Dirang Valley is a must. Kalachakra Gompa is an ancient Buddhist monastery situated atop a Kalachakra of Dirang. The monastery is believed to be more than 500 years old. Given its ancient importance, a large number of tourists arrive here. It is a Buddhist monastery which is considered a sacred place for Buddhist followers. You can come here for spiritual knowledge and spiritual peace.

Due to landslides July and August are the off-season here. So, the time to arrive here is from September to June.

Dirang is easily accessible by bus. Apart from this, taxis can also be hired. At the same time, tourists also reach by air, then after that go to Dirang by bus or taxi from Guwahati.