Kurukshetra is the name of a city in the present-day Indian state of Haryana.

The name literally means “Land of the Kaurava” after the Kuru clan. It is supposed to be the site of the Kurukshetra war, described in the Mahabharata. It is of great importance in Hinduism as this is where the Bhagavad Gita was taught to Arjuna on the battlefield, just before the great battle.

Thanesar or Sthaneswar, a historical town, is located adjacent to what is now newly created Kurukshetra city.

Tourist attractions are:

Brahma Sarovar where millions come to take holy bath on the occasion of “Somavati Amavasya” (Sacred No-Moon Day that happens on a Monday).

Sannihit Sarovar, a pond that is believed to be the meeting point of seven sacred Saraswatis. The Sarovar, according to popular belief, contains sacred water. Bathing in the waters of the tank on the day of Amavasya (night of complete darkness) or on the day of an eclipse bestows blessings equivalent to performing the Ashvamedh Yajna.

Jyotisar, the famous site where Bhagavad Gita was delivered to Arjuna,

Krishna Museum where some historical artifacts, paintings depicting Mahabharata war can be seen. Science Museum, Bhishma Kund at Naraktari where Arjun shot an arrow towards earth to quench Bhisma Pitamah’s thirst are also noted tourist attractions along with Saraswati Forest Reserve which is a large reserved forest area with rich flora and fauna in Kurukshetra district,

Sheikh-Chilli ka makbara (tomb), Sthaneshwar Mahadev temple, Bhadrakali temple, Birla temple, and Chhati Path Shahi Gurudwara (holy place of Sikhs) are some other tourist attraction at Kurukshetra.

The climate of the district varies as the temperature in summer reaches as high as 47 °C, and as low as 1 °C in winter, with rains in July and August.

The nearest Airports are in Delhi and Chandigarh, which are connected to Kurukshetra by road and rail. Taxi services are also available from airports. Delhi is at a distance of 160 km from Kurukshetra.

Kurukshetra Railway Station, also called the Kurukshetra Junction, is located on the main Delhi-Ambala Railway line. Kurukshetra is well connected with all important towns and cities of the country. The Shatabadi Express halts here.

Haryana Roadways Buses and other neighboring State Corporation buses connect Kurukshetra to other cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and other important places. Buses connecting to Delhi (160 Km), Ambala (40 Km), and Karnal (39 Km) are frequently available. Kurukshetra is at a distance of about 6 Km from Pipli, an important road junction on the National Highway No.1 popularly called the Grand Trunk Road.